We regularly bring improvements and features to the Teads SDK inApp. 

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InApp and web contexts are intrinsically different. 

The Teads JavaScript Tag used for standard web integration cannot be used into inApp contexts. Including WebView containers used to display web-based content. 

WebViews are sandboxed containers preventing the Teads Standard JavaScript Tag to access enough data to ensure basic features like brand safety, viewability measurement, fraud free traffic, dynamic behavior, etc.

These limitations make the Teads inApp SDK the only way to safely deliver Teads ads inside app context

Hence, the need for a dedicated technology to address this context representing a big part of the mobile inventory.

The Teads inApp SDK ("Software Development Kits”) is a set of tools (package library) that you can directly integrate into your app in order to bring all Teads monetization solution into your application.

Not only the Teads inApp SDK is capable to display all the Teads formats offer available on classic web context, but it also brings several advantages:

✅ Optimized performance: Due to its native integration, our player is not subject to performance lacks that could be caused by concurrence scripts and resources.

✅ Better integration rates: The easy article and feed content integration guarantees an integration rate way superior to classic web one.

It is also compatible with:

✅ Viewability Measurement: Teads inApp SDK is IAB Open Measurement certified for out-stream video (OM compliant VASTs only).

✅ Brand safety: Teads inApp SDK integrated Grapeshot framework for contextual brand safety.

✅ Mediation: Teads inApp SDK integrates Google GAM/AdMob, Twitter MoPub and Smart adapters.

Integration types:

Application using React Native are not supported.

There are two ways available for developers to integrate the Teads inApp SDK:

Direct integration

Direct integration guarantees optimal interoperability and performance between the app and the Teads SDK. In that case, no third party layer could interact with the ad workflow.

Mediation integration

Our SDK is compatible with Google/DFP AdMob, Twitter MoPub, and Smart Ad adapters. 

If your application already includes one of these two solutions, integrating Teads inApp SDK to your demand sources is easy. 

Getting Started:

Before going to production, please contact your Teads local account manager to retrieve your:

  • Teads publisher account, it will give you access to your Teads Dashboards and tools.
  • Placement ID, it's a unique identifier for an ad slot at a specific place in the workflow of your app. 

See the FAQ section for more general information.

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