How I can add the Teads SDK to my app?
To install the Teads SDK, check the integration section of the documentation.
What is a Placement ID?
A placement ID (PID) is a unique identifier for an ad slot at a specific place in an app. Placement IDs are provided by Teads Account Manager.
I have no Teads Account Manager, how can I find one?
Please contact your local account manager.
Is the Teads inApp SDK GDPR compliant?

Yes, Teads SDK is GDPR compliant and offers different ways to provide the user consent during the ad server request. Teads SDK is compatible with IAB GDPR Transparency and Consent Framework specifications.

See the dedicated SDK GDPR documentation.

I often have no ads with the error 'ERROR_NOTFILLED', what does it mean?

Sometimes our ad server doesn’t have any ad to display. It depends on many reasons including the current demand, targeting rules, brand safety, etc. This behavior is expected. However, if you want to maximize your fill rate, you can:

When you integrate the SDK, you should use a specific testing Placement ID (see integration article) to always display ads.
If you have any other questions about your metrics, please contact your Teads Account Manager.

Why I always have an ad when I use the test PID but none when I use the production PID?
The testing PID (see integration article) has been made so you always get an ad. It should only be used for development purposes. On the other hand, production PIDs will only deliver when the ad server has an ad for the user/context.
The ad is displayed but does not play?

In order to provide the best ad experience, the Teads SDK plays the creative only when it's visible. In some cases, the ad doesn't start even if the ad view seems to be visible,  also Ad Trackings are not triggered, resulting in a loss of monetization.

If you have a transparent overlay above your ad, our visibility algorithm will consider the ad view as hidden. In this case, you can find the incriminated view in your logs and the percentage of ads hidden by this view.

Third-party visibility viewability (IAB Open Measurement) relies on the same logic: any obstruction above ad view is considered as an ad not visible.

What is content URL and why do I need it?

If you display an ad in article content and have the related URL (it could be the sharing URL), you should provide it to us. It will allow us to check the exact content of the page, ensure brand safety, and therefore will improve your ad fill rate. See the Brand Safety documentation.

How can I make sure that the integration is correct?

We have developed a validation mode that can help in verifying your SDK integration. Please check the validation process documentation.

Where can I go for help with integrating the SDK?

If you have setup issue with your placement creation or configuration, you can contact your Teads Account Manager.

If none of the answers provided in this FAQ help, you can contact the technical support at support-sdk@teads.com.

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