Validation Tool

The Teads inApp Validation tool is the best way to ensure all basic features and prerequisites are correctly implemented. It is also useful during integration iterations.

✅ Validates the overall ad integration and display within your content

✅ Validates creative resize (beta)

✅ Check that creatives are correctly running

✅ Validates Teads trackings

✅ Validates Brand Safety is enabled

✅ Validates User consent retrieval

✅ Validates app-ads.txt setup

✅ Validates support creative resize (beta)


Compatible with both Direct and Mediation integrations

Android Teads inApp SDK 4.2.2 or above
iOS Teads inApp SDK 4.2.5 or above

Important for Teads inApp SDK v4.5.0 (and below)

To initiate the Validation Tool you'll need to first load an article that runs an ad.

How to use the validation mode

  1. Enable the validation mode on the Teads inApp SDK,
    Android iOS

    mInReadAdView.load(new AdSettings.Builder()
  2. Build your app and open an article calling Teads.
  3. A popup will appear and show a URL, open it in your desktop browser:
  4. Then, the following instructions:
    • Click on "START TEST",
    • Scroll down to the ad location in your app,
    • Wait for the end of the ad.
  5. In less than a minute, the following should be verified:
    • The page or article URL used for brand safety purposes, this is only required for news applications,
    • The implementation is GDPR compliant, this is only required if you or your users are from the EEA,
    • The SDK Version used is up to date,
    • Teads trackings are correctly sent and received,
    • Media playback is completed successfully.

Please feel free to report any anomaly or feedback to your Teads local account manager.

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