Test a specific creative

You may need to enforce a specific ad in the player during integration and troubleshoot iterations.

Using a proxy tool such as Charles proxy you can map the Teads ad response in order to serve the creative of your choice.

Please find below an ad_response.json example.

"ads": [{
"settings": {
"values": {
"placementFormat": "inread",
"adType": "video",
"pageId": 0,
"brandLogoUrl": "",
"placementId": 1,
"allowedPlayer": "any",
"threshold": 50
"type": "VastUrl",
"content": "[VAST_URL_HERE]"

Replace [VAST_URL_HERE] with any VAST URL you want to test, example:  https://a.teads.tv/vast/backfill/128780 

Please keep in mind ad will start only if visibility conditions are met, see troubleshooting section.


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