Checklist & Good Practices

We regularly bring improvements and features to the Teads SDK inApp. 

Track the latest version and  changes here: AndroidiOS

Sample app available here: AndroidiOS

A valid integration is key to ensure great fill rate and monetization.

Find below essential checks and recommendations that should be met along the way.


  • Use the latest SDK version
  • For direct integration in WebviewViews: Use and adapt the latest WebView Helper & assets listed in the WebView integration section
  • For mediation integration: Ensure ad slot resize is enabled
  • Brand safety is enabled (pageUrl property)
  • app-ads.txt is set up
  • GDPR and CCPA privacy are enabled (for US and EU traffic only)
  • Satisfy App Tracking Transparency requirement (iOS only)
  • Adapt audio management when needed (iOS only)
  • Validate the integration using the Validation tool between each app update


  • Ads are fully visible and starts correctly (ensure no element, even transparent, is covering the player)
  • Reset and clean the adView between each load (memory management)
  • Limit the number of player to 3 per article (memory management)

Before release

  • Test PIDs are replaced with production ones
  • Ensure with your local account manager your production PID is not flagged as test and allocated to the Teads demand
  • Bundle/package reverse domain name is publicly available
  • The Debug mode is disabled
  • The Validation mode is disabled

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