Frequently Asked Questions

How could I register with Teads and monetize my app?

Please contact your local account manager.

What is the size of the SDK?

Both iOS and Android SDK are inferior to 1Mb.

Does the Teads inApp SDK is compatible with applications using WebView?

Yes, see the

Does the Teads inApp SDK is compatible with mediation integration?

Yes, see the AdMob (iOS, Android / AppLovin (iOS, Android / Smart (iOS, Android integration sections.

Does the Teads inApp SDK is compatible with React Native apps?

No we do not officially support React Native applications yet.

What is a Placement ID?

A placement ID (PID) is a unique identifier for an ad slot at a specific place in an app.
Placement IDs are provided by your local account manager.

What data does the Teads inApp SDK do collect (privacy)?

Please see the SDK data collected section.

Is the Teads inApp SDK GDPR/CCPA compliant?

Yes, Teads inApp SDK is compatible with both CCPA and IAB GDPR Transparency and Consent Framework specifications.
See the privacy section.

How can I validate the integration?

We have developed a validation mode that can help in verifying your SDK integration.
Please check the validation process sections.

How can I ask for integration support?

Please contact your local account manager.

How can I retrieve a test ad?

Test PIDs are available here.

What are mandatory conditions for an ad to start?

The ad slot should be:

  • Visible
  • Big enough
  • Not covered by any layer or view (even transparent)

Where is the best location in the article for an ad slot?

The best place is between the 2d and 3rd article.
Having the ad slot to up will make the user scrolling over it to fast. This will result in a good scroll rate but a bad completion one and thus a bad score for this ad slot in our algorithm.
Having the ad slot to low will make the user less prone to reach it (bad scroll rate) and thus not having the ad to start (not monetized).

What is the minimum size allowed?

An ad will be considered big enough and thus allowed to start only if it satisfies both conditions.

  • Width and height are strictly superior to 80px
  • Width x height is strictly superior to 10 000px.

Some creatives look cropped?

You may need to implement the ad resizing feature.
See troubleshooting section.

Why any Test PID is answering with an ad (error not-filled)?

Test PIDs are meant to deliver ad 99% of the time. If no ad is delivered please contact your local account manager to ensure: Your IP is not exclude listed, the location you're testing from is valid.
See troubleshooting section.

Why the received ad doesn't start?

Even if an ad is received, it might not be considered visible enough to start.
Any obstruction above the ad view will make the ad considered as not visible.
This includes transparent overlays and empty views.
See troubleshooting section.

Why my production PID isn't filled with an ad?

There are several conditions to optimize the fill rate.

  • Live campaigns are delivered on Placements that are not flagged as "in test".
  • The ad slot should be considered as visible and big enough.
  • The User Consent is being collected
  • The country is open to delivery. Please contact your local account manager.

When a user in regions with data protection regulation (GDPR, CCPA) decline the user consent, Teads will try to serve non-personalized ads, depending on current campaigns and demand available Teads could reply successfully in most cases at a very low rate.
Having the user consent is a key point to be able to target, our advertisers are very interested on this matter and very are not.

How can I improve the fill rate?

Fill rate can be impacted by several factors (advertising demand / geolocation / article content (brand safety) / user consent etc).
In order to maximize chances to get an ad please ensure features below are implemented:

  • Scroll rate
  • Visibility
  • Brand Safety
  • Privacy
  • Ads.txt

See troubleshooting section.

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