Checklist & Good Practices

We regularly bring improvements and features to the Teads inApp SDK.

Track the latest version and changes here: Android / iOS / Flutter

Sample app available here: Android / iOS / Flutter

A valid integration is key to ensure great fill rate and monetization.

Find below essential checks and recommendations that should be met along the way.


  • Use the latest SDK version
  • Ads are fully visible and starts correctly (ensure no element, even transparent, is covering - the player)
  • For direct integration in WebviewViews: Use and adapt the latest WebView Helper & assets - listed in the WebView integration section
  • For mediation integration: Ensure ad slot resize is enabled
  • Brand safety is enabled (pageUrl property)
  • app-ads.txt is set up
  • GDPR and CCPA privacy are enabled (for EU and US traffic only)
  • Satisfy App Tracking Transparency requirement (iOS only)
  • Adapt audio management when needed (iOS only)
  • Validate the integration using the Validation tool between each app update


  • Remove the adView from subview (or attached to any other property) between each load (memory management)
  • Best is to use one InReadAdView per article
  • If GDPR or CCPA applies for your application, manage the user consent first and request ads after, otherwise some of your ad requests may not contain the consent string, which can lead to bad user consent rate
  • Avoid requesting ads that might not be displayed, for instance, with a caching system, this reduces your scroll rate

Before release

  • Test PIDs are replaced with production ones
  • Ensure with your local account manager your production PID is not flagged as test and - allocated to the Teads demand
  • Bundle/package reverse domain name is publicly available
  • The Debug mode is disabled
  • The Validation mode is disabled

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