Native Ad - Classic integration

This native implementation is specifically designed to fit feed views
You can customize the native ad view to have the same look and feel as the other views of your feed, it will offer an immersive experience.

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  2. Event Monitoring
  3. Check list
  4. Additional Settings



Make sure you are using a dedicated native placement id (PID) on native ad requests, do not reuse inRead PID. You will not receive any ad if the PID is not a native one.

You are responsible for positioning the elements (title label, main image, call to action button…)
These elements need to be visible (without overlay, even transparent ones) otherwise our visibility algorithm will consider the ad view as hidden

The article is using the Native display test PID 124859. This PID is meant to be used for testing purposes and shall not be released into production.


The native ad view should be done specifically on each platform.

iOS TeadsNativeAdView

The easiest way is by creating a XIB file.

  1. Change the root View class type to TeadsNativeAdView.
  2. Create your custom layout.
  3. Link all the UI elements to the corresponding native asset.
  4. Create a new class file which inherit from FLTTeadsNativeAdViewFactoryProtocol.
import TeadsSDK
import teads_sdk_flutter

class TeadsNativeAdViewFactory: FLTTeadsNativeAdViewFactoryProtocol {

    func teadsNativeAdView() -> TeadsNativeAdView? {
        guard let nibView = Bundle.main.loadNibNamed("TeadsNativeAdView", owner: nil, options: nil)?.first,
              let nativeAdView = nibView as? TeadsNativeAdView else {
            return nil
        // Additional UI modifications

        // media view
        nativeAdView.mediaView?.layer.cornerRadius = 20
        nativeAdView.mediaView?.layer.masksToBounds = true
        // call to action
        nativeAdView.callToActionButton?.layer.cornerRadius = 16
        // icon
        nativeAdView.iconImageView?.layer.cornerRadius = 30
        return nativeAdView

  1. In your AppDelegate, register the native ad view factory.
import UIKit
import Flutter
import teads_sdk_flutter

@objc class AppDelegate: FlutterAppDelegate {
    override func application(
        _ application: UIApplication,
        didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [UIApplication.LaunchOptionsKey: Any]?
    ) -> Bool {

        GeneratedPluginRegistrant.register(with: self)

        let nativeAdViewFactory = TeadsNativeAdViewFactory()
        FLTTeadsSDKFlutterPlugin.registerNativeAdViewFactory(registry: self, factoryId: "exampleNativeAd", nativeAdViewFactory: nativeAdViewFactory)

        return super.application(application, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: launchOptions)


Android NativeAdView

  1. Create a new Android resource file.
  2. Select Layout as the resource type, and enter tv.teads.sdk.renderer.NativeAdView as a root element.
  3. Implement the ad layout as matching the visual design of the user experience for the platform it's intended for.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


  1. Match the correct native elements' id.

Native View layout ids

  • R.id.teads_native_title (TextView) (Guaranteed in every request)
  • R.id.teads_native_content (TextView)
  • R.id.teads_native_media (MediaView) (Guaranteed in every request)
  • R.id.teads_native_icon (ImageView)
  • R.id.teads_native_advertiser (TextView)
  • R.id.teads_native_call_to_action (Button)
  • R.id.teads_native_star_rating (View)
  • R.id.teads_native_price (TextView)
  1. Create a new class file which inherit from FLTNativeAdViewFactoryInterface.
class TeadsNativeAdViewFactory(private val context: Context?): FLTNativeAdViewFactoryInterface {

    override fun teadsNativeAdView(): NativeAdView {
        return LayoutInflater.from(context)
            .inflate(R.layout.teads_native_ad_view, null) as NativeAdView
  1. In your MainActivity, register/unregister the above factory as follows.
class MainActivity: FlutterFragmentActivity() {

    private val factoryId = "exampleNativeAd"

    override fun configureFlutterEngine(flutterEngine: FlutterEngine) {

        TeadsSdkFlutterPlugin.registerNativeAdViewFactory(factoryId, TeadsNativeAdViewFactory(context))

    override fun cleanUpFlutterEngine(flutterEngine: FlutterEngine) {



Your activity superclass

Ensure to extend your activity from FlutterFragmentActivity and not from FlutterActivity. The first one is better bound to Teads context lifecycle.

Load an Ad

You need to create a placement first using Teads.createNativePlacement, this placement is linked to your PID.


Instance of TeadsNativeAdPlacement must be owned / retained in order to be able to request ads properly.

class _NativeState extends State<Native> implements TeadsNativeAdPlacementDelegate {

    TeadsNativeAdView _nativeAdView = TeadsNativeAdView(factoryId: 'exampleNativeAd');
    TeadsNativeAdPlacement? _placement;

    void initState() {

    void dispose() {
        // Release memory object on activity/controller dallocation

    Future<void> _initTeadsAd() async {
        TeadsAdPlacementSettings placementSettings = TeadsAdPlacementSettings();
        await placementSettings.enableDebug();
        _placement = await Teads.createNativePlacement(124859, placementSettings, this);

        TeadsAdRequestSettings requestSettings = TeadsAdRequestSettings();
        await _placement?.requestAd(requestSettings);

        if (!mounted) return;

    void didReceiveAd(TeadsNativeAd ad) {

    void didFailToReceiveAd(String reason) {
        // Do something


Event Monitoring

The Teads inApp SDK provides a set of listeners to let you monitor a large scope of events all along ad life cycle.
This helps tailor the ad experience in your app.

mixin TeadsInReadAdPlacementDelegate {
    // When the Teads inApp SDK has received an ad for you to display
    void didReceiveAd(TeadsNativeAd ad);
    // When Teads inApp SDK has failed to retrieve an ad
    void didFailToReceiveAd(String reason);

The SDK provides a delegate to monitor events during the ad life cycle and help you customize the ad experience in your apps.

mixin TeadsAdDelegate {
    // When the ad experience has experienced an issue
    void didCatchError(TeadsAd ad, FlutterError error);
    // When the ad has been closed
    void didClose(TeadsAd ad);
    // When an impression has occured
    void didRecordImpression(TeadsAd ad);
    // When an event click has been fired
    void didRecordClick(TeadsAd ad);
    // When the ad goes to fullscreen
    void didExpandedToFullscreen(TeadsAd ad);
    // When the ad collapse from fullscreen
    void didCollapsedFromFullscreen(TeadsAd ad);

You can also monitor playback events thanks to the TeadsPlaybackDelegate.

mixin TeadsPlaybackDelegate {
    // When the ad has started playing audio
    void adStartPlayingAudio(TeadsAd ad);
    // When the ad has stopped playing audio
    void adStopPlayingAudio(TeadsAd ad);
    // When the ad has started playing
    void didPlay(TeadsAd ad);
    // When the ad has stopped playing
    void didPause(TeadsAd ad);
    // When the ad has complete
    void didComplete(TeadsAd ad);

Check list

  • ✅ Ensure you comply with privacy legal requirements (GDPR/CCPA).
  • ✅ Comply with app-ads.txt
  • ✅ Enable validation mode to ensure key features are working

Additional Settings

Find the full available TeadsAdPlacementSettings and TeadsAdRequestSettings settings here.

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