AdPlacementSettings Description
enableDebug() This enable debug logging for Teads inApp SDK.
userConsent(String subjectToGDPR, String consent, {TCFVersion tcfVersion = TCFVersion.v2, int cmpSdkID = 0}) The GDPR status and consent, should match the IAB specifications https://github.com/InteractiveAdvertisingBureau/GDPR-Transparency-and-Consent-Framework/blob/master/TCFv2/IAB%20Tech%20Lab%20-%20CMP%20API%20v2.md#how-is-a-cmp-used-in-app%20In-App%20Consent%20APIs%20v1.0%20Final.md.
setUsPrivacy(String consent) The CCPA consent string, should match the IAB specifications https://iabtechlab.com/standards/ccpa/.
disableCrashMonitoring() Disable crash monitoring. It will collect Teads crashes by default.
addExtra(String value, String key) Add extra data to Teads inApp SDK.
disableBatteryMonitoring() iOS only. Unauthorize Teads SDK from recording battery status.
disableTeadsAudioSessionManagement() iOS only. Disable teads audio session management. You will need to handle the audio session manually.
enableLocation() Android only. This will enable location for Teads inApp SDK.
useLightEndScreen() Android only. This will allow Teads inApp SDK to display end screen with light color.
hideBrowserUrl() Android only. Hide the website url in the internal browser only. The url is visible by default.
toolBarBackgroundColor(int color) Android only. Set the toolbar background color on the browser.


AdRequestSettings Description
pageUrl(String urlString) This gives context to Teads inApp SDK for Brand Safety.
enableValidationMode() This enable the validation tool mode for Teads inApp SDK. This should not be embedded in a production build!
addExtras(String value, String key) Add extra data to Teads inApp SDK.

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