What is app-ads.txt?

App-ads.txt is a standard released by the IAB Tech Lab, it is an extension of the original ads.txt standard adapted for applications.
that helps eliminate the ability to profit from counterfeit inventory in the open digital advertising ecosystem across mobile app,
OTT, or any other app inventory. It provides a mechanism to enable content owners to declare who is authorized to sell their digital advertising inventory.

In order to build a safe and transparent advertising ecosystem for all actors in the industry,
Teads fully supports app-ads.txt on its SDK. We require that all app-editors implement it.

This prevents app inventory from being spoofed by bad actors while ensuring advertisers can target the proper audience.

Teads strongly encourages you to create an app-ads.txt file and publish it to the developer domain you have listed in your Google Play and/or App Store page.
Several DSPs (like Google Ad Manager) have stated they will not buy ad serving of unauthorized app inventory if not listed in the publisher’s app-ads.txt file.

Not listing Teads in your app-ads.txt will directly impact ad serving buying and revenue you can get from us.

How to enable app-ads.txt

Correct implementation of app-ads.txt will help protect your inventory against bad actors,
and to make sure that all partners can correctly buy your inventory through Teads inApp SDK.

  • Provide a developer website URL in your Google Play and/or App Store page
  • Publish an app-ads.txt file in the root directory of your site (e.g. example.com/app-ads.txt)
  • Include Teads as a direct seller of your inventory in your app-ads.txt file. It as to be in the following format:
    teads.tv, *PUBLISHER ID*, DIRECT, 15a9c44f6d26cbe1

To get your PUBLISHER ID, please contact your local account manager or retrieve it from your inventory page.

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