Video playback management

To keep a better control over the video playback during the ad experience, you can use our TeadsPlaybackDelegate.

This delegate have the following methods:

func didPlay(_ ad: TeadsAd) {
    // called when the ad start or if it was resumed after a pause
func didPause(_ ad: TeadsAd) {
    // fired when the ad is paused for example if the app is not visible anymore
func didComplete(_ ad: TeadsAd) {
    // called when the ad reach the end

Also, the following methods can help you for the audio management.

func adStartPlayingAudio(_ ad: TeadsAd) {
    // you can choose for example to shut down any other sound in your app
func adStopPlayingAudio(_ ad: TeadsAd) {
    // you can reactivate all sound in your app

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