Troubleshooting & common issues

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You are testing one of the test PIDs but no ad is delivered

If our server did not reply with an ad (error not-filled) while using a Test PID, please contact your local manager to ensure:

  • Your IP is not flagged as suspicious and is exclude listed due to too many testings and clicks. Please try with a different network connection (switch IP).
  • The country you're testing from is open to Teads delivery.

You received an ad from our server, but you can't click on it or the video doesn't start

  • Make sure the ad is visible. If you have a transparent overlay above your ad view, such as any other sort of view, our visibility algorithm will consider the ad view as hidden. In this case, you can find the incriminated view in your logs and the percentage of ads hidden by this view. Note that TeadsSDK is OM IAB certified meaning creatives are evaluated by IAB Open Measurement third-party viewability logic and both TeadsSDK and OMSDK relies on the same logic: any obstruction above ad view is considered as an ad not visible. This certification is very important for our advertisers.

  • The ad slot is not big enough. An ad will be considered big enough and thus allowed to start only if it satisfies the two following conditions:

    • Both width and height are strictly superior to 80px
    • Width x height is strictly superior to 10 000px.
  • If you have a transparent overlay covering all or almost all the screen, let's say for displaying constantly a button: consider reduce the overlay to the minimum size: in this case to the size of the button itself.

The ad starts but looks cropped

Some creative such as third party VPAIDs coming from Open Exchange may need a resize after the load.

These asynchronous resize requests need to be caught by the Teads inApp SDK in order to adapt the adSlot to the right ratio (especially for mediation integration where adSlot sizes are usually fixed).

You'll find in each integration article an "ad resizing" section.

Please ensure this part is implemented so that the Teads inApp SDK adSlot will fit to any creative ratio.

You'll find in the test PIDs section a list of PID serving different sized creatives to let you test the resize implementation.

Test PIDs are delivering ads but the production PIDS are not (provided by the account manager)

  • Production PIDs may not answer with an ad 100% of the time.
  • Fill rate can be impacted by several factors (advertising demand, geolocation, article content, user consent, scroll rate, etc).
  • However, if you want to maximize chances to get an ad (fill rate), please ensure:
    • Production PID is not flagged as Test
    • Good scroll rate (set the ad slot not at the bottom neither at the top of the article)
    • Good visibility (no element overlaying the ad slot)
    • Brand Safety (mandatory)
    • Privacy & consent management (EU/US mandatory)
    • App-ads.txt (mandatory)

The sound of the ad doesn't behave as expected

Please see the audio management section to see audio mix configuration options

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