Validation Tool

The Teads inApp Validation tool is the best way to ensure all basic features and prerequisites are correctly implemented. We also recommend using it between each integration iterations/updates to make sure no regression has been introduced.

✅ Validates the overall ad integration and display within your content

✅ Validates creative resize support (beta)

✅ Check that creatives are correctly running

✅ Validates Teads tracking

✅ Validates Brand Safety is enabled

✅ Validates User consent retrieval

✅ Validates app-ads.txt setup

✅ Validates support creative resize (beta)

Launch a Validation session

  1. Enable the validation mode on the Teads inApp SDK
// iOS
let adPlacementSettings = TeadsAdRequestSettings { settings in
// Android

IMPORTANT: ⚠️ don't forget to remove this setting before going in production! ⚠️

  1. Build your app and open an article or a page that display a Teads ad placement.
  2. A popup will appear and show a URL (the URL should also appear on your console log if you are in debug mode):
  • Do not tap on Abort, it will cancel the validation test.
  • Open the url in your desktop browser:
  1. Then, the following instructions:
  • Click on "BEGIN TEST":
  • Scroll down to the ad location in your app,
  • Wait for the end of the ad.
  1. In less than a minute, the following should be verified:
  • The page or article URL used for brand safety purposes, this is only required for News - applications,
  • The implementation is GDPR-compliant, this is only required if you or your users are from the - EEA,
  • The SDK Version used is up-to-date,
  • Teads tracking are correctly sent and received,
  • Media playback is completed successfully.

Please feel free to report any anomaly or feedback to your Teads local account manager.

Validation error list

Please find below the list of errors that could be detected by the Validation Tool. Each one of them can be solved with instructions detailed below.

We were unable to find your app on the App Store/Google Play. If you think there is an issue, contact support-sdk@teads.tv with your Session Info.

Your app defines a bundle/package name reverse domain as com.domain.myapplication package name is not found on public stores, this could mean 2 things

  • app is not released yet on store
  • app is using a Test bundle/package name

We are not able to find your Developer Website from Apple/Google. Did you fill the Marketing URL on App Store Connect?

You need to specify a URL pointing to your website on store marketing section, your website hosts app-ads.txt

We found your developer URL but were not able to find a proper URL to crawl.

App Ads Crawler encounter a problem to scan:

We are not able to find your app-ads.txt file. It may not exist, or the server may not be configured correctly. You can find more information on the IAB App Ads txt Specs
This could be due to app-ads.txt hidden by redirection on your server

app-ads.txt file can't be found on specified website URL (Store), make sure it is available publicly

We found your app-ads.txt but it did not include Teads. Contact your Teads Publisher Manager for more info. Also, "teads.com" is not a valid domain.

As said teads.com does not appear on app-ads.txt scanned file

The consent string is empty
The consent string seems to be wrong
The consent string is not formatted correctly
The consent string cannot be parsed

consent string is not specified correctly, make sure to set consent on settings adsettings.userConsent()

The consent string is missing some data, there is probably something wrong with the CMP you are using.

We did not get any response from your CMP

Your CMP doesn't set consent string respecting IAB specifications CMP Internal Structure

You need to pass the page URL to Teads inApp SDK. This may be the sharing URL from a given content (article, sport result). This URL should be available from any country, see

Specify pageUrl relative to content adsettings.pageUrl("https://mysite.com/specificContent")

Tracking XXX has not been received.

Make sure you are not running proxy or VPN on your device/simulator

Make sure the ad is visible on the screen. If you can see the ad, but it does not start check your console logs for more information, it could be due to an overlay.

Ad should be fully visible to run tests, maybe content overlay ad or ad size is too low : undersized ad will be considered not visible/displayed

You need to wait for the end of the video, so we can check that the ad played entirely.

Wait until the end of progress video ad

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