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Welcome to Teads inApp SDK! Below, you'll find information about getting started with our SDK for iOS and Android.


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Placement Types

Teads SDK v5 introduces brand-new types of placements for publishers to explore additional monetization options beyond in-article placements. With this version of our SDK, we now support placements such as inFeed Native.

InRead / InArticle

The flagship innovative format, which positions video advertising within the heart of editorial content. It allows app publishers to display all Teads-supported ad formats inside a publisher article content.

InFeed Native

Ads placed between feed content that mimic the page's look and feel. It offers a great user experience and allows you to define the ad's display according to your template

Integration Types

There are two ways to integrate Teads inApp SDK:

Direct Integration

Direct integration guarantees optimal interoperability and performance between the app and the Teads inApp SDK. In that case, no third-party layer could interact with the ad workflow.

Mediation Integration

The Teads inApp SDK is compatible with Google Ad Manager AdMob, AppLovin Max, and Smart Ad adapters.

If your application already includes one of these solutions, integrating Teads inApp SDK to your demand sources is easy.

Prebid Integration

Prebid integration allows you to incorporate Teads inApp SDK into your app while utilizing Prebid Mobile, an open-source solution designed to manage multiple demand sources, including Teads.


Implementation Details inRead / inArticle inFeed Native
Direct iOS / Android iOS / Android
AdMob Mediation iOS / Android iOS / Android
AppLovin Max iOS / Android iOS / Android
Smart Mediation iOS / Android -
Prebid iOS / Android -

See the FAQ section for more general information.

See the Troubleshooting & Common Issues section for more general information.

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