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The Teads inApp SDK ("Software Development Kits") is a set of tools (package library) that you can directly integrate into your app in order to bring all Teads monetization solution into your application.

  • Viewability Measurement: Teads inApp SDK is IAB Open Measurement certified for out-stream video (OM compliant VASTs only).

  • Brand safety: Teads inApp SDK integrated Grapeshot framework for contextual brand safety.

  • Mediation: Teads inApp SDK integrates Google GAM/AdMob, AppLovin, and Smart adapters.

  • Fraud free and Privacy: Teads inApp SDK follow privacy standards such as GDPR/CCPA and app-ads.txt ensuring end to end clean advertising.

Integration types

There are two ways available for developers to integrate the Teads inApp SDK:

Direct integration

Direct integration guarantees optimal interoperability and performance between the app and the Teads inApp SDK. In that case, no third party layer could interact with the ad workflow.

Mediation integration

The Teads inApp SDK is compatible with GoogleAdManager AdMob, AppLovin Max, and Smart Ad adapters.

If your application already includes one of these solutions, integrating Teads inApp SDK to your demand sources is easy.

Placement types

Teads SDK v5 introduces brand-new types of placements in order for publishers to explore additional monetization options beyond in-article placements. With this version of our SDK, we now support placements such as inFeed Native.


inRead is considered as Teads flagship innovative format, which positions video advertising within the heart of editorial content. It allows app publishers to display all Teads supported ad formats inside a publisher article content.

You can find implementation details here:


inFeed Native refers to ads that are placed in-between the content of a feed and that mimic the look & feel of the page on which they are placed. inFeed Native is one of the 6 types of native units as defined by the IAB.
This type of placement allows app publishers to offer their users a perfect UX as publishers are the ones in control of the way an ad is displayed by defining their own template for such placements. This translates in a better perception of ads by users and superior performance.
inFeed Native involves publishers to receive separate assets (title, image, call-to-action…) and re-arranging those according to their pre-defined template.

For this type of placements, please see our supports pages that covers both iOS & Android, and all integration types:

See the FAQ section for more general information.

See the Troubleshooting & common issues section for more general information.

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